Do you have a love of faeries? Are you curious where faeries come from and how to meet one? Call them nymphs, elves, banshee, brownie, changeling, goblin, leprechaun, household spirits, pixies or pookas! Mystical nature beings have existed throughout all of history, and these supernatural creatures can be found in every culture. In this workshop we will explore stories of the wee folk from all over the world, learn to understand the different types of fae, and how to interact with them. Taught by magician, speaker, psychic entertainer and faerie delegate Erica Sodos.

Erica presents a variety of inspiring, educational and fun workshops for all kinds of meetings and events.

Imrprove Your Memory

Faerie Magic and Lore



 One of our everyday superpowers is our ability to harness a clear memory. When we are not stressed and forgetting things we have more confidence, clarity and become more productive. When we can remember names, faces and details about our clients, coworkers and families, our relationships improve and our sales increase. During this presentation Erica gives the audience immediate tools they can use to improve their memory. Erica will perform mind blowing super memory routines demonstrating the powerful abilities every single one of us possess.


Have you ever looked at your hand and wondered what secrets they hold for you? Come to this fun and informative workshop and learn the basics of Palmistry. After this workshop you will understand what the lines and features in your hand have to say about you, as well as being able to decipher the secrets hiding in the palms of those around you.

Erica offers solo and group palm reading and tarot enchantments in person or via zoom.

‚ÄčTarot has been used for centuries to reveal hidden truths, and to help unlock the power of one's inner wisdom. In this fun and informative workshop you will gain a solid introduction into tarot, discover ways to quickly understand the meanings of the 78 cards, and learn basics of giving a reading. Taught by psychic entertainer, magician, speaker and mentalist Erica Sodos.