Her magic is

deep, powerful and potent. 

 Bring Erica to your event and be enchanted with her magic! 

What Past Clients Are Saying:

Erica Sodos brings all facets of her training and experience to help create just the right show for your event. Charming and fun, Erica's shows can include beautiful visual illusions, mind reading, storytelling, escapes, and customized messaging. Her shows are all about making performance what it used to be… Magical Transformation, and focus on the return of real magic and using that magic to increase one’s personal power. 

You are sure to be transported into a land where real magic happens.

Erica is Available for: 

Theater Venues
Conventions and Festivals
Colleges and Universities
Private Events

Trade Shows
A Variety Act
Libraries and Schools

The reason Erica’s clients hire her again and again is a combination of her awe inspiring magic, her professionalism and her ability to understand her clients events. After tens of thousands of shows Erica is a master in the art of performing magic shows. She can wow her audiences with visual magic such as levitating a table across the room or mystify with her mind magic such as her uncanny ability to know the thoughts of a random spectator.

Erica also performs elegant, mysterious and riveting close up magic for corporate events and conventions, private parties, and any type of event looking for something special. 

 She can incorporate palm reading into her magic and mentalism, which is super exciting since everyone loves to learn about themselves and why they do what they do.

Erica is  a true specialist in creating magical experiences!