​       ​​​​               Erica is a 

                             one of only

       a handful of female mentalists in the world

Erica will occasionally perform for intimate home psychic parties. Reach out to find out about availablity.

What audience members have to say about Erica's monthly psychic show:



Rare Gem

For the Epitome of a Magical Experience

Book The Magic Within Now!


​Erica’s mentalism shows can best be described as part performance, part supernatural and 100% fun and entertaining. With her usual charm and sass, Erica combines unbelievable  explorations in telepathy, predictions, super memory routines and other forms of ESP, with insightful and provocative psychic readings.

Due to continuous packed houses, her signature mentalism show The Magic Within, Psychic Explorations with Erica Sodos ran monthly for 9 years, and was the longest running solo show in Denver. ​She is known for her incredible memory and can memorize an entire Time magazine cover to cover in less than two hours. 

In this interactive show the audiences abilities to access their very own magic is explored, which is why audiences leave Erica's show feeling supercharged and inspired.