Erica has spend her life in the performing arts, and has been an actress, theater educator, mime, palm reader and clown. Thirty years ago Erica began her entertainment business and since then has made over 5,000 appearances nationwide. She helps all kinds of audiences tap into their magic within, through her magical performances and presentations. Her psychic show The Magic Within, Psychic Explorations with Erica Sodos ran for 10 years in Denver, making it the longest running Denver solo show. She is a lover of nature and all things unseen, and makes appearances as mystical characters including elemental faeries, while teaching magical lore and divination techniques to people of all ages. Erica is currently co-writing a comprehensive book about women in magic, and has been featured on NPR in a story exploring why female magicians are so rare. Erica is also a compassionate vegan and activist, dedicated to creating a just world for all beings, and works at an animal sanctuary leading tours which educate people about the amazing animals that share the planet with us. 


Create a wondrous event with total audience engagement.

  • Customized Messaging
  • Whole Audience Participation
  • You are the Magician
  • Feel Seen and Appreciated
  • ​Find Deeper Life Meaning

Erica Sodos


Captivating entertainment that turns  Impossible into I'm Possible.

  • Be Released from the mundane
  • Inhabit Inspiration
  • Open to Greater Possibilities
  • Experience Excitement and Joy
  • Feel Your Internal Power

Experience mind blowing magic

that expands  what is truly possible!

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​​Creating Magical Experiences

Virtual Entertainer

Turn an ordinary experience
into the extra-ordinary.​

  • Spectacular Mind Blowing Magic
  • Powerful Mind Reading
  • Question Your Reality
  • Engaging Hilarious Fun
  • Tap into Your Own Superpowers